Concussion Competencies From a British Perspective

Cambridge Scholars Book in Focus highlights both Concussion Competencies

 ” Concussion Competencies from a British Perspective is a 200- page competency-based manual providing a comprehensive, practical guide for governors, school leaders, teachers, coaches and parents on their respective roles in supporting students who have suffered a concussive incident. It explores the scientific, behavioral and medical issues in an accessible way, as well as the pastoral, curricular and assessment adjustments that will benefit post-concussive students; it also explains the statutory framework for supporting students with medical conditions.

While providing education for patients, athletes, coaches, administrators and clinicians is highly recommended, there has been no definition of what that education should include.  Following the approach of medical education to define knowledge competencies, we wanted to lay out a proposed framework that could be used as a starting point for research and education. These Competencies came out of several different projects in the US, as well as presentations and experience with thousands of concussion cases.  We also wanted to establish tis framework as a statement about brain injury in general, beyond just concussions. Friends and colleagues in the UK encouraged us to adapt the US version to the British education and healthcare systems.

In the US, schools became the focus because of the sheer number of concussions in school sports, and the trend in the US to manage them with school personnel.  Our goal was to provide a robust curriculum that could be adapted to specific subgroups of constituents and would be amenable to further refinement through research and practice.  We saw this as a starting point, not the last word. Although most of the work translated to the British systems easily, the differences in systems of service in Britain posed some challenges and we elected to focus on Britain rather than the whole of the UK.  What surprised us most was that this approach to management appeared to be more consistent with both the educational and healthcare sectors in Britain than the US. Still, it became clear in writing this that not everyone involved in concussions needs to know the same things. This framework may also help with cross-cultural research.

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