Dr. M. is available to provide these services. Contact him to discuss needs and prices:

Neuropsychological evaluation of children and youth, specializing in sports-related concussions

Concussion management programs: Developing and supervising organizational concussion management programs for schools, leagues, universities, professional teams. This includes review of organization policies, training of staff, defining best practice protocols for return to play and return to learn. Dr. M also oversees neuropsychological testing, provides management training and makes recommendations for existing programs

Concussion training for administrators, teachers, allied health professionals, licensed health care professionals, coaches and students.

Presentations on current research and on Concussion Competencies, coaching and performance

Program evaluation and organizational consulting: Assisting organizations to improve outcomes and performance, including data management and analysis. Dr. M. consults to clinicians, clinics, programs, schools and organizations including large corporations and foundations. Mental health and educational programs, commercial product development and organizational governance are recent projects.

Football and rugby tackling analysis and teaching of head-out skill-mechanics

Current Consultations

Qmetis Healthcare. Concussion management app.

Atavus Football Performance. Shoulder-led tackle curriculum, analysis and certification (Texas High School Coaches Association).

University of Nebraska Medical Center. Pediatric epilepsy pre- and post-surgival evaluations.

Bridge-UP Menniger (Houston). Social Emotional Learning and mental health in Houston-area schools.

New Hampshire schools. Concussion management services.

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