Recommendations for re-testing following COVID infection

Prior to appropriate clinical considerations below, consider the following minimum criteria:

  • 20 days after last positive test
  • No current symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc. (other than associated with longstanding allergies)
  • 72 hours fever free without help from fever-reducing medications (actual guideline is 24-hours but err on the safe side)

Beyond the point of verifying that the person is no longer infectious, consider the following. 

  • For example, is the person still subjectively improving (in which case a shorter screen now followed by more detailed assessment later may be appropriate) or have they hit a plateau? 
  • Do they have residual conditions that are disruptive to the point it would interfere with reliable assessment? 
  • Are there practical considerations that need to be addressed currently, such as return to work or decisional capacity? 
  • In return to play situations, how important is RTP for this person?
  • Are there significant behavioral health factors that need to be disentangled in order to determine the most appropriate course of treatment? 

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